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Middle School One to One Chromebook Initiative

Middle School One to One Chromebook Initiative


The mission of Rochester Academy Charter School (RACS) is to provide students with rigorous, challenging academics through hands-on, meaningful learning opportunities that will provide them with the skills necessary to be successful academically, socially, and emotionally.


We believe that in order to prepare our students for the world of college and careers we must teach them how to be prepared to use technology tools appropriately. During the middle years it’s also important to give students responsibility and trust.  For this reason we will start a pilot 1:1 Chromebook program in the Middle School. 


Chromebooks must stay in the building at all times.  Chromebooks cannot come home with students at any time.  


Students in grades 7 and 8 will be assigned a single Chromebook to use every day while they are in school.  Please use this guide to review Chromebook expectations.


Assignment of Chromebooks

Every students in grades 7 & 8 will be assigned a Chromebook with a single log on that only the student can use.  Signing into any Chromebook other than their own is prohibited, and students who do so will serve one detention. 


Each Chromebook is marked with stickers with the student name and ID and all serial numbers are linked to the student ID.


Responsibility of the student

The student is responsible for the use of the Chromebook and any content that is produced or accessed on the computer.  Inappropriate computer use will result in disciplinary consequence.  Any damage to the machine assigned to the student will be considered to be the responsibility of the student to whom the computer is assigned. 


Responsibility of the school

RACS owns the Chromebook, and may access it, search it or remove it from the student at any time.  Software allows us to view any content that the student accesses on the computer at any time.  Our first priority is to be sure every student is safe. 


Internet safety

Students may only access the internet through the RACS network.  The RACS network has firewalls to be sure students are able to use the internet safely.  Inappropriate content is blocked.  Students may never access social media on a RACS Chromebook and the RACS internet firewall blocks this access.  If a student is able to access social media or inappropriate sites, the IT department will get an alert that the student assigned to the computer has attempted to bypass the firewall and the building Principal will be alerted. 



Chromebooks are secure in the same way lockers are, it is exclusively for the use of the student to whom it is assigned.  Students should never share their login information, or allow another students to use their chromebook.  


Permission to use the Chromebooks

Use of the Chromebook in class requires teacher permission.  Students should only use their computers during class time. 


Care and handling

Students are expected to maintain their chromebook in working order at all times. Damage to the Chromebook is the responsibility of the student to whom it is assigned. 

  •      Proper Handling
    •       Close the Chromebook before you attempt to carry it, and hold it by the bottom
    •       Keep food and drink away from the Chromebook
    •       Keep the Chromebook clean- ask the teacher if you need assistance with cleaning
    •       Carry the Chromebook from class to class in your hand or backpack
    •       Only use your Chromebook when you have been directed to do so by your teacher.


  •      Improper use and consequences
    •       Unauthorized use of another student’s Chromebook, or allowing others to use your Chromebook- 1 day of detention (first offense), three days (second offense).
    •       Damage to the screen- student will pay $35 and serve a full day of ISS
    •       Damage to the keyboard- student will pay $85 and serve three days of ISS
    •       Damage, loss, or destruction of the entire Chromebook, or not returning the Chromebook in working order- $175 and 5 days of OSS- student may return to school upon full payment for damages
    •       Failure to return Chromebook to your cart at the end of the day- parent meeting
    •       If we believe that a Chromebook has been stolen, we will make a police report.
    •       If you do not have your Chromebook for class you will not be provided with a replacement.





Please click on the attached document below to download the agreement.