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RACS is tied for 1st among all district and charter high schools in Rochester for its 2018 96% graduation rate! Come and see why so many families are choosing RACS!
RACS is a K-12 Free Public Charter School
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Yes, you can go to college!

At RACS, we believe attending college is more than just an option. Attending college is a right for all deserving students who choose to dedicate themselves to the pursuit of higher education. We help make it possible with college counseling services that are personalized to each student’s needs, abilities and ambitions.

Which college should I attend?

RACS college counselors provide students with the information and assistance they need to make a college education possible, regardless of their economic or social challenges. We help students explore which colleges and universities provide the best match between their unique backgrounds and the offerings at their institutions. Some students are steered towards large, state-related universities that offer them a multitude of options and opportunities. Other students are advised to attend smaller, more specialized colleges that offer more intimate learning experiences.

How can I afford college?

At RACS, we recognize the diversity of our student population and the economic challenges many of our students and their families face. Our college counselors help students find colleges and universities that offer tuition assistance in the form of scholarships, grants and student loans. We work with students and their families to secure the financial help they need to turn college from a hopeful dream into a practical reality.

Our alumni are examples of our success.

RACS graduates are now attending some of America’s finest colleges and universities. They are earning degrees that will propel them into successful careers in education, business, science, technology and more! Join them on the path to success. Our college counselors will help make it happen.

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