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GOOD NEWS! GOOD NEWS! GOOD NEWS! RACS is becoming a K-12 school. We are adding 6th grade to our middle school! You can apply for grades 6 through 12 for 2017-18 school year!
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I just wanted to say how happy I am that my son is attending RACS. I have watched my son develop into a well rounded young man. Thanks to the caring teachers & staff at the Rochester Academy Charter School (RACS). He went from not liking school to wanting to attend Brown University because his favorite teacher attended there. Thank you RACS for giving my son the confidence he needs to continue on a path for success & for all your encouragement to help raise a young man's confidence. I hope he can continue at this school until he graduates. Imagine the things he could accomplish with continued encouragement. Thank you.

Jacqueline Madigan


 My name is Charlotte M. Hardaway.  I have a son in the 8th grade.  My son has been on the honor roll for the two years that he has attended RACS.  The teachers are great there, as well as the staff!  They are always on top of things, especially when it comes down to the students and their grades.  I think that RACS is a great school!  The school has many wonderful programs.  The program that I really love is the Saturday program and how the school prepares the students for college.

Charlotte M. Hardaway


I’m a proud parent to say. My son is a RACS student who has been with this school since 7th grade and now will be graduating this year of 2014. I must say he is ready for college and I give all thanks to RACS.

Delphena Franklin


My daughter is a 3-year student at RACS. I like the school because of the smaller class sizes. I like that my child education matters to the staff at RACS. My child grade point average reflects the effective teaching and the effort that my child put in that she more than likely would not get at the RCSD or any other tuition free school in my opinion.

Joy Johnson

I feel so fortunate that my daughter has the privilege of attending RACS. We are grateful all that RACS has done to inspire our daughter to love learning. The entire staff at RACS shows the professionalism, enthusiasm, and patience necessary to teach effectively. Due to this outstanding staff, our daughter has demonstrated significant growth this year. RACS has stimulated her learning and creativity. RACS encourages the values that we try to instill in our daughter such as; responsibility, ownership ,communication, independence and respect for one self and others. I feel truly blessed and fortunate that my daughter has been given the unique opportunity of attending RACS.

Katrina L. Davenport