SUNY ESF Paper Engineering Field Trip

 RACS Chemistry students had a field trip, led by Ms. Sirin, to the SUNY ESF Paper Engineering Department on Thursday, April 21st. Our students acquired a greater understanding in fiber and paper processing. They had a lot of fun making paper while learning about a career in engineering paper.
The department of Paper and Bioprocess Engineering (PBE) emphasizes
fundamental engineering science and engineering skills pertaining to chemical engineering with specialization in the pulp, paper and allied industries, and the bioprocess and chemical industries. 
Paper-making is a 2000 year-old industry that has launched a revolution in communication, packaging, and personal care products. Produced from an infinitely renewable source and easily recycled, paper has contributed to the rapid advancement of virtually every other industry and continues to profoundly enrich our lives.
To learn more about Paper Engineering and SUNY ESF program, visit their website.