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Welcome, Rochester Academy Charter School Alumni Association

The purpose of the Rochester Academy Charter School Alumni Association is to not only reconnect with friends and faculty members, but to also give back to the RACS school community. We hope that through the RACS Alumni Association, alumni will have the opportunity to engage in reminiscing in jubilant events that we all have shared, through pictures and videos from our graduating years. RACS Alumni Association hopes to offer former students opportunities to interact with one another through annual dinners, social events, and updated directories.

The Alumni Association anticipates being a continuation of the Rochester Academy Charter School’s loving and ever growing family. Our Association is also an active support for the current students attending RACS. We, alumni, serve and assist in strengthening the RACS community through encouragement, school spirit, and academic assistance. Our duties encompass emboldening the students by returning back to our former high school to speak about our college experiences and the possibilities that lay ahead for future classes. Although, we may not attend RACS anymore, attending fundraisers and athletic games are ways that we show school spirit and cheer our students on. Our alumni association lends an outstretched hand to students, where help is needed such as; tutoring in particular subjects, college applications, and resumes. We wholeheartedly believe in the RACS mission “to provide students with rigorous, challenging academics through hands-on, meaningful learning opportunities that will provide them with the skills necessary to be successful academically, socially, and emotionally.” We encourage all of our alumni to stay involved and connected with one another, as well as with RACS community, because we will forever be members of the Rochester Academy Charter School’s family.

Since we are young alumni, with our first graduating class of 2012, we encourage donations from surrounding community members. If interested in becoming more involved, please contact [email protected]