Rochester Academy Charter School

GOOD NEWS! GOOD NEWS! GOOD NEWS! RACS is becoming a K-12 school. We are adding Kindergarten and First grade levels in 2018-19 school year!
Engage RACS 2018 Strategic Plan » Engage RACS 2018 Strategic Plan

Engage RACS 2018 Strategic Plan

The New York State Education Department has outlined an aggressive new reform agenda establishing high expectations for New York State schools. Its components support cohesive transformation to ensure all students graduate from high school, college and are career ready. In order to align with the Regents Reform Agenda, RACS has formed a strategic planning team which consists of all key stakeholders and created its five year strategic plan, Engage RACS 2018. Engage RACS 2018 is a strategic plan of action for the Rochester Academy Charter School. This five-year plan lays out key goals, targets, strategies and initiatives that will mobilize RACS to achieve its college-ready mission to ensure that our students graduate from high school and are ready for success in college and postsecondary training. Please click on the booklet below to see the strategic plan.