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“RACS has been a blessing to Tailah and our family. For us, education is paramount especially for young boys and girls of color. Since being accepted into RACS, Tailah has blossomed academically. By the 8th grade she had taken and passed algebra and science regents exams. The focus on academics and college prep has been the impetus to her success. Since 7th grade RACS has provided Saturday school with an assigned mentor to prepare the youth for college. The College Ready and Preparedness (CRP) program has provided tutoring, community service, leadership and college prep to include PSAT and SAT prep. She has been inducted into the Jr and National Honor Society which RACS are one of few middle schools and high schools that are part of the charter. Science Olympiad, Odyssey of the Mind, Jr and Varsity Cheerleading, Varsity Volleyball...etc etc. My daughter is able to experience all this and more at RACS all tuition free.”

Thalia Wright



“As a parent of a now senior, I am proud to call RACS part of my family. My son started here in 7th grade. A shy, socially awkward child that was bullied throughout elementary school. I chose RACS for its focus on math and science. Not only did they guide my son through some of those awkward moments, they help him thrive, excel and learn to fly. They have nurtured and challenged my son throughout his time at RACS.

Thank you RACS for being an example of how schools should be run. With dedication, hard work, open communication and a genuine love for your students. Here's to many more years of RACS students. I look forward to seeing you shine and enhance the lives of all students you touch.”

Jacqueline Madigan



“My child has been in this school since 7th grade and now he's a junior. I must say that I am proud to be a part of this community of positive people. Not one time have I heard my son or any other student say that they have experienced any negativity from staff. I am a very involved parent as many parents in this school are. We love the staff here. They truly care about our children and strive to see that they get the best education. I am offended by this post. I am proud to say that I am a parent in this school.”

Kenya Linder-Brooks


 My name is Charlotte M. Hardaway.  I have a son in the 8th grade.  My son has been on the honor roll for the two years that he has attended RACS.  The teachers are great there, as well as the staff!  They are always on top of things, especially when it comes down to the students and their grades.  I think that RACS is a great school!  The school has many wonderful programs.  The program that I really love is the Saturday program and how the school prepares the students for college.

Charlotte M. Hardaway


I’m a proud parent to say. My son is a RACS student who has been with this school since 7th grade and now will be graduating this year of 2014. I must say he is ready for college and I give all thanks to RACS.

Delphena Franklin


My daughter is a 3-year student at RACS. I like the school because of the smaller class sizes. I like that my child education matters to the staff at RACS. My child grade point average reflects the effective teaching and the effort that my child put in that she more than likely would not get at the RCSD or any other tuition free school in my opinion.

Joy Johnson


I feel so fortunate that my daughter has the privilege of attending RACS. We are grateful all that RACS has done to inspire our daughter to love learning. The entire staff at RACS shows the professionalism, enthusiasm, and patience necessary to teach effectively. Due to this outstanding staff, our daughter has demonstrated significant growth this year. RACS has stimulated her learning and creativity. RACS encourages the values that we try to instill in our daughter such as; responsibility, ownership ,communication, independence and respect for one self and others. I feel truly blessed and fortunate that my daughter has been given the unique opportunity of attending RACS.

Katrina L. Davenport