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IXL for Families

My child has IXL through school; how do I get their sign-in information?

Reach out to your child’s teacher to get the sign-in information. 

What resources does IXL offer to help me support my child at home?

IXL’s Learning Hub provides everything you need to support your child's success this school year.

Does IXL have resources that will help me teach the material to my child?

IXL has some lessons for third through seventh-grade math on the topics that kids generally need the most assistance on. These will be at the bottom of the each grade-level landing pages, and you will see that each lesson has the topic introduction, a high-level review of key concepts, and example problems to go through together.


Some skills may not offer lessons. Instead, use IXL's “Learn with an Example” feature to teach those new concepts to your children. Click on the Learn with an Example link at the top of the first question of any math or English language arts skill to view a sample question. Your child will get a reminder of key concepts and vocabulary, as well as a step-by-step guide to work through the problem. These explanations will also appear after any missed question, which is great for feedback and learning, so that your child can get immediate assistance.