Complaint Process

Complaint Policy


Any parent may submit a complaint.  Complaints may be either submitted verbally or in writing to the related person. The following sequence of procedures are expected to be followed before filing a level IV written complaint to the school board:


Level I

If a parent has a classroom related complaint, which can be dealt with by the classroom teacher, that teacher should be the first contact either by

  •              E-mail to the teacher
  •              Written note to the teacher
  •              Via appointment to speak with the teacher about the problem


Level II

If the parent, after having spoken with the teacher feels that the teacher did not address the complaint, the parent should contact:

  •              Building Leaders for complaints regarding academic or teacher related issues
  •              Student Management Supervisors for discipline related issues


Level III

If the Building Leaders or Student Management Supervisors have not addressed the complaint to the complainant’s satisfaction, the complainant should submit a written complaint to the school Director.  The complaint will:

1) Be written and signed by the person filing the complaint. 

2) Should specify the school rule or guideline, law or regulation being violated and the related issue, problem or other concern. 

3) Should contain information/evidence supporting the complaint and state the nature of the corrective action desired.

The Director must have an opportunity to respond, before it is taken to the school board. The School Director will respond to the complaint within 7 school days.


Level IV

If the Director has not addressed the complaint satisfactorily, the Board will discuss the complaint in its next scheduled meeting and will advise the school director on the related issue. The School Board will respond to the complaint within 30 days.


Level V

If the Board has not addressed the complaint satisfactorily, the complainant can file an appeal to the authorizer, Board of Regents.