Message From The Principal

2020-2021 RACS Middle School Reentry

Information for Parents


Dear RACS Families,

I am excited to welcome your child back to school.  For those that don’t know me, my name is Jennifer Doyle and this is my 6th year as the Middle School Principal at RACS.  I am happy to welcome Mr. Kareem McCullough as our Assistant Principal this year.  We speak for the whole staff when we say we are excited to welcome your child back to school.  This is a confusing time, and we hope that your child finds some sense of normalcy now that school is reopening.   


You should have already received a letter with your child’s class assignment, if you have not, please call the main office.   


Changing your learning preference

If your child begins school in the face to face format and you wish to switch to online, you are welcome to notify the school of your wish to participate in online learning. Unfortunately, due to the rigid CDC Guidelines for social distancing and sanitizing every space, we will not be able to switch from online to face to face immediately. You may notify the school of your preference to return to school in a face to face format and we will make the appropriate adjustments at the end of each 5 week period. 



Each student cohort will be assigned to one classroom for the duration of the day.  Teachers will come to the classroom when it is time to change classes. Literacy and math specialists, Special Education Teachers and ENL support will also be available for extra support and may take students to a different classroom.

  • 50% of a class would attend face-to-face on M, T or Th, Fri and remotely on Wednesday. 
    • Students attending face to face will follow the daily schedule provided to them
    • All students will follow an online schedule for the days they are learning remotely, this is the same schedule as students learning fully remote.  



We will return to the traditional number grades for the 2020-2021 school year.  Teachers will share their grading policy with students at the beginning of the year and post it in their Schoology classroom.  Students will be expected to turn in assignments regularly in order to maintain their grades.  Grading will close every five weeks and assignments from the previous five weeks will not be accepted.  *Please note this is a change from past practice.



Your child will be assigned a Chromebook, and a set of materials for home instruction even if they are working in the hybrid model. 

  • Additional books including novels and math workbooks will be assigned
  • Each student will be assigned a reference binder to take home
  • Students will NOT share materials at school.
  • Students attending school will be assigned a storage box where they can leave school supplies, no other student will touch this box.
  • Students will not have lockers for storing items.
  • Students should bring only their school supplies and should plan to keep them in their backpack
  • Your child will need a backpack to bring their supplies.  Please be sure they have extra pens and pencils.



Masks are required when students are moving or standing.  Desks are spaced so that children are 6 feet apart on all sides, and the desk space is marked in tape.  Once a child is sitting in their seat, they may remove their mask, as soon as they stand, the mask must be on. If a child does not have a mask one will be provided. 


Uniform Policy

The uniform policy will be in effect for in-person instruction.  When your child comes to school they must wear a RACS shirt as their top layer and black or tan pants. Closed-toe shoes of any type must also be worn.  If the student forgets their uniform a clean uniform shirt will be lent to them for the day.  Please contact the office to purchase a RACS shirt. 


Please note that the windows will be open for ventilation as often as possible, children should dress for the weather.  We do not have air conditioning so short-sleeved shirts are recommended for hot days, and sweatshirts or long-sleeved shirts worn under the RACS t-shirt are recommended for cooler days.


Cell Phone Policy

In order to avoid unnecessary contact with your child’s belongings, we will not collect cell phones.  Your child will have access to their cell phones only during breakfast and lunch times.  Please do not contact your child during the school day.  This is a great opportunity to assess our cell phone policy and determine if students can balance the freedom of keeping their phones and the importance of instruction.  Please encourage your child to keep their cell phones off and in their backpacks except for during breakfast and lunch. 



Attendance will be taken daily for both face to face and online learning in each class. You should call the school in the event that your child will be absent so the absence can be recorded properly. If at any point, you are unable to engage in online learning, please contact your teacher or the main office as soon as possible.  Students must be on the zoom and/ or complete the daily assignment to be counted as present.


Morning Entry

  • Enter through the side entrance between the gym and the school-
  • Maintain social distance- Students will be expected to maintain a 6-foot distance while waiting for the entry process.
  • Temperature checks and health screening- Families will be asked to complete a health screening at home before sending their child, when students arrive at school their temperatures will be checked using a non-contact thermometer.  
  • Students with a temperature over 100 F will be sent to the nurse immediately and will need to be picked up as soon as possible
  • Students with any symptoms of COVID will be sent to the nurse immediately for evaluation

Health and Safety Procedures

  • PE classes will be attended both online and face-to-face. 
  • Face coverings are required when moving from one location to another by all students and staff in the building. Students may remove their masks when they are seated.
  • Masks will be required before entering the school bus.
  • Students will be seated a minimum of 6 ft apart on the school bus. The students will be asked and reminded to remain 6ft apart and to wear a mask if the 6ft social distancing guidelines are not able to be met.
  • All buses will be sanitized between bus runs and deep cleaned on Wednesdays.
  • Ample hand sanitizer stations are located around the school.


Food Service

  • Breakfast and lunch will be served in the classroom. Students will eat at their own seats.
  • Outdoor breaks may be offered when weather permits during lunchtime, there will be no recess
  • For their safety, microwaves, vending machines, and refrigerators are not available to students, if you choose to send lunch for your child be sure that it will last in their backpack until lunchtime.



  • Students will leave the building in a line, maintaining physical distance 
  • Students will be dismissed by bus by an announcement from their classroom
  • Walkers are expected to leave school grounds as soon as they are dismissed.  Walkers will be dismissed first
  • Students being picked up will be dismissed last, please allow a few extra minutes for pick up.  All students will be dismissed by 3:00.



  • All visitors will be asked to notify the school of your plans to come to the building. We ask that when you arrive, that you call the main office (585-235-4141). Please remain in your car until you have been called to come into the building. We are only allowing one person at a time into the main office. 
  • All visitors will have to complete a quick health screening before entering the building.
  • All visitors are asked to wear a mask when entering the building.


Social/Emotional Support

  • Counselors and Student Support Staff will be available to assist students and families as needed through this unusual time. 
  • Expect to hear from your child’s teachers regularly- if you prefer email to phone call, please let us know.


We want to make sure your child feels safe and comfortable both at school and in the online space.  We are working hard to innovate processes.  Please regularly check School Tool for grades and attendance and Schoology to find your child’s work.  


We appreciate your trust and thank you for choosing RACS.



Jennifer R. Doyle