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Resource Guide--Rochester


AGENCY NAME: Action For A Better Community

ADDRESS: 550 E. Main St. Rochester NY 14604

PHONE: (585) 325-5116

Fax: (585) 325-9108


WEB: www.abcinfo.org

SERVICE SUMMARY: Community group, individual and family support programs, early childhood services, employment programs, Action Front Center-AIDS awareness and counseling program · Drug and Alcohol Treatment: Addictions/dependencies counseling · Job Training and Referral: Employment program

PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY: Varies by program AREA SERVED: Monroe County and Ontario County APPLICATION/REFERRAL PROCESS: Call main office

HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


AGENCY NAME: Ave D Recreation Center

ADDRESS: 200 Avenue D 14621

PHONE : 585 428-7934

WEB: www.city of Rochester.gov

SERVICE SUMMARY: •Register for an EZ RecPass ID, which gives you access to it all: top-notch team sports, outstanding arts programs, water skills classes, youth council leadership opportunities and more: •Fun, skill-building friendships in the safe atmosphere of city recreation •Year-round recreation program for youth, teens and adults •Summer youth swim program •Summer Lunch program •Kids Cafe Dinner program during the school year •Youth Council •Seasonal special events •Collaborative programs with community organizations •St. Martin's Boxing Club •Ball Fields •Basketball Court - Inside •Basketball Court - Outside •Football / Soccer •Game Room •Kitchen •Play Apparatus •Swimming - Outdoor •Tennis Courts •Weight Room •Gym PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY: Individually program based AREA SERVED: Greater Rochester @ neighboring community.

APPLICATION/REFERRAL PROCESS: Individually program based. Please call for details.

HOURS OF OPERATION: Varies by program

FEE FOR SERVICE: Individually program based. Please call for additional information. Agency Contact: Center Director: Kevin Holman

AGENCY NAME: Charles Settlement House

ADDRESS: The Service Center located at 445 Jay Street, Rochester, NY, 14608 (585-328-5453) houses the agency's Family and Community Organization Services. It is designed for services that involve one-on-one work with individuals or families. The Activity Center located at 431 Jay Street, Rochester, NY, 14608 (585-328-5453) is the site for the group work programs: preschool development, after school and evening programs for school age youth and teens, parents, group activities, etc. The Community Center located at 71 Parkway Street, Rochester, NY, 14608 (585-277-0810) houses some Charles House administrative offices, the Northwest Rochester Senior Center sponsored by Charles Settlement House, the Notre Dame Learning Center, Edgerton Family Day Care, and Bubbles Universal Pre-Kindergarten

PHONE : 585-277-0810

WEB: Charlessettlementhouse.org

YOUTH DEVELOPMENT Collaborative After School Program Located at School #17 with Campbell Street Recreation Center & Food link Kids Café Photography Club, Step Team, sports, arts & crafts Teen Club PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY: Individually program based

AREA SERVED: Greater Rochester Area-neighboring community

APPLICATION/REFERRAL PROCESS: Individually program based. Please call for more information.

HOURS OF OPERATION: Office hours Mon-Fri 9-5p.m. Various programs have individual hours. Please call for details.

FEE FOR SERVICE: Individually program based. Please call for details Agency Contact: The Service Center located at 445 Jay Street, Rochester, NY, 14608 (585-328-5453) houses the agency's Family and Community Organization Services.

AGENCY NAME: Community Place of Greater Rochester

ADDRESS: 145 Parsells Ave. Rochester 14609

PHONE: 585-288-0021

WEB: info@communityplace.org

SERVICE SUMMARY: Community Place of Greater Rochester is a nonprofit agency founded on the belief that everyone should enjoy the same health, economic, and social opportunities no matter who they are or where they live. We deliver a wide range of social, developmental, and educational programs delivered through our facilities in the northeast sector of the city of Rochester (NY) and throughout the greater Rochester area. In 2001, The Community Place was formed from the merger of three settlement houses with long traditions of service to the Rochester community: Eastside Community Center; Genesee Settlement House; and Lewis Street Center. The roots of these agencies stretch back 100 years the predecessor of Lewis Street Center, the Association for Practical Housekeeping, was formed in 1907. The Community Place of Greater Rochester is proud to continue the legacy built by its former organizations and continue the settlement house movement in Rochester. We invite you to learn more about the programs and services we provide to the people of Rochester—from children and teenagers to families and seniors to the developmentally disabled. Supplemental Educational Services Tutoring services are available free of charge to students who qualify for free or reduced lunch and who attend schools designated as low-performing schools. Certified teachers provide tutoring in mathematics, reading and English language arts to small groups of students (1-4) for three hours per week. Students are pre-tested to determine skill areas to be improved. A plan of action is developed in conjunction with the students’ teachers, the student, and parent(s), and progress is measured weekly. Incentives are given to students who attend the program regularly. The tutoring services are provided at two locations: 145 Parsells Avenue and 940 Fernwood Park typically from 3:30 to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Schools may be used when most convenient for students and their families. For more information or to register for tutoring, contact Vanessa Scott, Coordinator of Academic Enrichment Services, at 585-288-0021 or vscott@communityplace.org. Outreach staff are available to visit homes for those families that are unable to come into the agency to complete the necessary paperwork and to meet the staff. While the programs vary at each site, all offer activities such as: homework assistance; reading clubs; self-esteem exercises; sports; leadership development; workshops; and field trips. Exciting program additions include our newly refurbished computer labs, a teen lounge, and game room.

AGENCY NAME: Clinton/Baden Community Center

ADDRESS: 485 N. Clinton Ave. Rochester, NY 14605

PHONE: 585-325-8120

WEB: Badenstreet.org

SERVICE SUMMARY: Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Office) 2:00 - 10:00 p.m. (Programs) Baden Street Settlement's Activities Department offers youth ages 6 - 18 positive choices in leisure time activities, encourages academic success and helps at-risk youth avoid behavior including juvenile delinquency. Statistic show that the Baden Street approach works. Youth who currently participate in the activities department boast an 87% daily school attendance record – 17% higher than the standard set by the Rochester City School District. Youth ages 6-13 in the program also have only a 2% suspension rate as compared with the district-wide rate of 25%. By working closely with the schools and families, we believe we can achieve 0% suspensions among our young people. Supervise Leisure Time Programs are available for age groups 6-13 and 14-17. Both programs offer fun and healthy activities to attract youth including arts and crafts, basketball, boxing, football, step, soccer, dance and swimming. Youth 6-13 are offered homework assistance, teen counseling and delinquency reduction workshops. Juvenile delinquency is most prevalent among youth 14-17. Baden Street Settlement places a high priority on serving this age group with positive and rewarding activities that offer good choices and healthy alternatives that eliminate boredom and the opportunity to commit crimes. The programs include outreach counseling, life skills workshops, shock camp, dance, athletics, charm classes, homework tutoring and clubs. Pop Warner Football and Cheerleading are among Baden Street’s most popular youth programs. Upon registration an immediate academic assessment is undertaken. Youth who are struggling in school are provided with tutoring assistance to improve their academic performance. Youth who hold a "B" or better average become "All-American." The Activities Department also sponsors a summer day camp and before and after school programs at Schools #6, #9 and #22. Parenting and life skills, sports and athletics, CPR and First Aid and parents and coaches clubs are offered for the adults of children in Baden Street's programs.

PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY: Individually program based. Please call for details.

AREA SERVED: Greater Rochester Area

APPLICATION/REFERRAL PROCESS: Individually program based. Please call for details

HOURS OF OPERATION: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Office) 2:00 - 10:00 p.m. (Programs)

FEE FOR SERVICE: Individually program based. Please call for more detailed information. Agency Contact: Pamela Jackson director at 585-325-8120

AGENCY NAME: City of Rochester Department of Recreation and Youth Service

ADDRESS: 30 Church Street Rochester, NY 14614

PHONE : 585-428-6447

WEB: www.cityofrochester.gov

SERVICE SUMMARY: Agency Contact Department of Recreation and Youth Services Luis Burgos, Interim Commissioner DRYS City Hall, Room 222B 30 Church St. Rochester NY 14614 428-6447 Bureau of Recreation Anthony Jordan, Assistant Commissioner 400 Dewey Ave. Rochester, NY 14613 428-6755 Bureau of Youth Services Jackie Campbell, Assistant Commissioner City Hall, Room 222B Rochester, NY 14614 428-6896 Public Market Jim Farr, Director 280 N. Union St. Rochester, NY 14621 428-6907 Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial Jeff Calkins, Director 1 War Memorial Square Rochester, NY 14614 758-5330 (Box Office) 428-6600 (Superintendent) Avenue D Community Center Eric Rose, Director 200 Avenue D Rochester, NY 14621 428-7934 Campbell St. Community Center Carl Diliberto, Director 524 Campbell St. Rochester, NY 14611 428-7860 Carter St. Community Center Mark Harold, Director 500 Carter St. Rochester, NY 14621 428-7890 Edgerton Community Center John Picone, Director 41 Backus St. Rochester, NY 14608 428-6769 Flint St. Community Center Kevin Holman, Director 271 Flint St. Rochester, NY 14608 428-7001 Genesee Valley Park Arena & Pool John Kerr, Director 131 Elmwood Ave. Rochester, NY 14611 428-7888 North St. Community Center Preston Sanders, Director 700 North St. Rochester, NY 14605 428-7149 South Ave. Community Center Annie Pride, Director 999 South Ave. Rochester, NY 14620 428-6015 Webster Ave. Community Center Hector Arguinzoni, Director Adonai Community Fellowship 509 N. Goodman St. Rochester, NY 14609 428-7828

PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY: Varies by program and service please call for detailed information.

AREA SERVED: City of Rochester

APPLICATION/REFERRAL PROCESS: Individually program based. Please call for details

HOURS OF OPERATION: Varies based upon individual sites. Please call for details

FEE FOR SERVICE: Individually program based. Please call for details.

AGENCY NAME: Boys and Girls Club of Rochester Inc.

ADDRESS: 500 Genesee Street Rochester, NY 14611

PHONE : 585-328-3077

SERVICE SUMMARY: Recreational Educational and character building programs for boys and girls. Kids café program 4-5pm Monday-Friday

PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY: Students still in school ages 6-18

AREA SERVED: City of Rochester, primarily the South West quadrant

APPLICATION/REFERRAL PROCESS: Annual membership No referral process

FEE FOR SERVICE: Annual membership fee is $ 11.00, no denied membership because of inability to pay

AGENCY NAME: Asbury Dining and Caring Center

ADDRESS: 1010 East Ave Rochester NY 14607

PHONE: (585) 461-0285 Fax: (585) 271-3743

SERVICE SUMMARY: In addition to the food and clothing programs, the Dining and Caring Center runs literacy programs, GED classes, general counseling and support. Also provides used furniture and bicycles.

PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY: None AREA SERVED: Anyone is welcome to our programs


HOURS OF OPERATION: Call for hours


AGENCY NAME: RTA Dial-a-Teacher

ADDRESS: 195 N Union St, Rochester, NY 14607

PHONE: (585) 262-5000

SERVICE SUMMARY: Dial-A-Teacher, Inc. receives calls from all Rochester City schools, and most private, parochial, and suburban schools. Teachers are prepared to offer assistance in all subject areas and at all grade levels. • Dial-A-Teacher has a tutoring referral service. Teachers can fill out an application and send it to Dial-A-Teacher. Parents and/or students who wish tutoring can call in their requests. The student will then be matched up with the appropriate tutor. Financial arrangements and specific logistics are worked out between the student and the tutor. • Individualized tutoring is provided for students with chronic illnesses who are referred by a school or agency.


AREA SERVED: Rochester City School District

APPLICATION/REFERRAL PROCESS: Call telephone number above

HOURS OF OPERATION: 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday


AGENCY NAME: Hillside Family of Agencies

ADDRESS: 1183 Monroe Ave Rochester NY 14620

PHONE: (585) 256-7500

Fax: (585) 256-7880

WEB: www.hillside.com

SERVICE SUMMARY: Children's center providing services and support to youth and families, preventive services, placement and adoption programs, education and day treatment services, short and long term out-of-home placements. · Food: For residents only · Shelter: Emergency foster care placements · On-site Shelter: Yes · Clothing: For residents only · Medical: For residents only · Drug and Alcohol Treatment: Referrals for residents only · Job Training and Referral: Arranged for residents only

AREA SERVED: Monroe County and the surrounding counties


FEE FOR SERVICE: Sliding scale

AGENCY NAME: Montgomery Neighborhood Center

ADDRESS: 10 Cady St

PHONE: (585) 436-3090

SERVICE SUMMARY: Summer activities 8:30am-4pm, Monday-Friday. After school program for ages 5 to 12. Neighborhood Preservation Program (DHCR). RAP-Grantee - City of Rochester. DDSO Respite program #29 School. Neighborhood services

PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY: Housing: Must be recipient of public assistance. For free clothing: Proof of address, ID for self and family members.

AREA SERVED: N/A APPLICATION/REFERRAL PROCESS: Clothing-contact receptionist. Housing through DHHS only.

HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30am-5pm FEE FOR SERVICE: None for clothing

AGENCY NAME: Rosa Wims Outreach Center The Health Association

ADDRESS: 176 Genesee St Rochester NY 14611

SERVICE SUMMARY: YMCA classes, GED classes, computer classes

PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY: Must have a diagnosed mental illness

AREA SERVED: Monroe County

APPLICATION/REFERRAL PROCESS: Call telephone number above

HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday-Thursday, 9am-5pm, Friday, 9am-1pm, Saturday, 10am-2pm


AGENCY NAME: Threshold Center for Alternative Youth Services, Inc.

ADDRESS: 80 St. Paul St. Fourth Floor 199

PHONE: 585-454-7530

Fax: (585) 454-7138

WEB: www.thresholdcenter.org

SERVICE SUMMARY: Multi-service center for youth: 1) Individual, group, and family counseling. Provides assistance with court, family, drug, peer relationship, school, loneliness, and sex-related problems. 2) Community Service program with emergency, advocacy, and referral services. 3) Learning center program providing information and referral, high school equivalency program, tutoring, vocational program, personal and social counseling. 4) Bilingual Staff. 5) Summer recreation program for teens ages 12-15 years old.


AREA SERVED: Monroe County, no limits

APPLICATION/REFERRAL PROCESS: Appointments preferred. Call office for referral. Walk-ins accepted for health care. Referrals from youth service agencies.

HOURS OF OPERATION: Mon.-Thurs., 8am - 5:30pm, Friday 8am - 5pm

FEE FOR SERVICE: Counseling is free. Sliding scale for medical services if over 18, if under 18 there is no fee for medical services. Medicaid accepted. No person will be denied service for inability to pay.

AGENCY NAME: Baden Street Settlement of Rochester Inc. Emergency and Family Assistance

ADDRESS: 152 Baden Street Rochester, NY 14605

PHONE : 585-325-8100 585-325-4190 ext.132

WEB: www.badenstreet.org

SERVICE SUMMARY: Provides food, clothing, rental assistance, prescription assistance, bus tokens, job placement and training, advocacy, referrals and case management. For Job Training and referral contact Workforce development 325-4350 548 Joseph Avenue 14605

PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY: Based upon individual program and residence in service area.

AREA SERVED: Parts of 14604, 14605, 14621, call for details


HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday-Fri 8:30-5:00p.m.

FEE FOR SERVICE: None Agency Contact: Service Coordinator: 585-325-8100 585-325-4190 ext.132