Mission and Vision

The mission of the Rochester Academy Charter School (RACS) is to prepare the whole child for a rapidly changing world by cultivating the knowledge, critical thinking skills and personal character to succeed in college or a career of choice.  RACS is committed to creating an environment of respect and inclusion that both acknowledges and supports the diversity of the RACS school community. 

Vision: We are committed to relentless intervention-doing whatever it takes to see every student graduate from RACS and move on to college or career intellectually prepared and emotionally secure for the challenges ahead.

Strategic Intent: RACS is the school of choice for students, families, teachers, and partners who value readiness for college through a STEM-focused education.

Our Beliefs:
We strongly believe in the following:
  • Every child can learn and reach high levels of academic achievement
  • Literacy in Math and Science is critical for participation in civic and economic life
  • Motivation is vital for success
  • Families are integral to students’ successes
  • Students learn when teachers continuously participate in professional development opportunities
  • Every child can make a significant contribution to the school and community
  • All of us grow when we embrace diversity

Our Key Features:
RACS students will master rigorous academic standards in all subjects, build critical thinking skills, and develop a lasting love of learning through inquiry, collaboration, and reflection. In addition, we believe exposure to and respect for diverse perspectives will prepare students to tackle new situations confidently and successfully. To realize RACS mission and beliefs we will:
  • Provide students with the skills and experiences necessary that will help them master the knowledge detailed in the New York State Learning Standards
  • Provide a focus on Mathematics and Science to encourage students to pursue college and/or careers in the STEM field
  • Build a strong supervisory and monitoring system that will provide individualized attention to each student
  • Assess the needs of students and use research-based methods to intervene relentlessly to promote student success   
  • Build strong parent/student/school relationships
  • Require enhanced professional development for staff members
  • Build partnerships with community organizations and other educational institutions