Middle School » Tips for Your Child’s Middle School Success at RACS

Tips for Your Child’s Middle School Success at RACS

Tips for Your Child’s Middle School Success at RACS!

    1. Get to school everyday on time! Our students cannot learn if they aren’t present in school, or if they arrive late consistently. The most important part of school is showing up, ready to learn!
    2. Stay in communication with your child’s teachers. Feel free to email any teacher at any time regarding your child’s progress. Moreover, be sure to check their SchoolTool account frequently! (provide link to schooltool how-to)
    3. Create a space and time in your home for homework. Our students receive homework weekly and are more consistent in work completion if they have a designated, monitored time and place to do the work they should be bringing home. If all work is finished, encourage them to use this space to read! Reading thirty minutes daily dramatically increases their skills of comprehension and analysis--which are both critical to future success in high school!
    4. Help with organizational skills! Middle schoolers need to develop and practice organizational habits to execute them regularly. They will need to be reminded more frequently, and should try out a few different options that may work for their individual styles. Some students love color coding, others need a big printed schedule, and still others need big file folders or binders to stay organized. Talk with your child to see how you can support them!
    5. Make time to talk about school. Your child is at school for seven to nine hours each day, and a lot can happen in that time period! Give them an opportunity to story tell, voice concerns, or talk about which classes are their favorites. Get to know their friends and learn about where they may be struggling socially. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Kelly Patterson, your child’s school counselor.