National Honor Society students Sole Hope event

 Our National Honor Society students participated in a shoe cutting event, led by Ms. Rowley, on Tuesday April 26, to benefit Sole Hope. Sole Hope is an organization providing shoes for many people in Uganda without them.
Students collected donations of denim and thin plastic (cleaned milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles, etc) materials. Using a pattern provided by Sole Hope, students cut out the pieces needed to assemble shoes for people in Uganda, many of whom have never had closed toe shoes. There is an especially high need for shoes in this region because of jiggers, small sand fleas, which burrow into the flesh on the bottom of the feet and lay egg sacs which multiply and can lead to serious infections, if not amputations and even death.
To learn more about Sole Hope and what more can be done for those in need, visit their website.
Great job students for giving back and making a difference!