Career Day 2017

On Wednesday, January 18th, at RACS middle school, we hosted a Career Day for our seventh and eighth grade students. Our students prepared for this event, by conducting a lot of research in order to have a good background for this exchange.
A Career Day, especially at the middle school level, is an academically motivational activity, dedicated to giving students an up-close look at the world of work. Volunteers from local business and community services, gave our students insight, on what steps to take to achieve their desired goals. Thanks to our volunteers, our students were able to see the myriad of opportunities available to them in the city of Rochester.
We had about eleven volunteers, from various fields of expertise, participating in Career Day. Thank you to all of our volunteers including the Rochester Police Department, RTSThe Parisi School , Creative Cooley, EAT ME Ice Cream, and so much more... 
Thank you Mrs. Manchester for sharing your advise and experience as a sign language interpreter and for sharing a few signs with us. Our students were really excited about that!
Our students were very engaged with Mr. Flager's  presentation, representing the Rochester Fire Department as Fire Marshal. Several students left his presentation exclaiming their interest of wanting to pursue a career within the Fire Department. Thank you Mr. Flagler!
From community services representatives, entrepreneurs, even a beekeeper, overall, our Career Day was a great success. We will look forward to seeing all the hard work our students will put in to pursuing there future goals!