Turkish Night 2017

Our Turkish language and culture classes organized a celebratory evening featuring food, music and dance!

On Thursday evening April 13, our Turkish classes organized “Turkish Nigh”, celebrating all they have learned this year. The evening festivities include several student performances. Students showcased their fantastic dance skills with traditional Turkish folk dances for boys and girls.  We also listened to traditional music sung by our students. Many of the songs had positive phrases of love, family, friendship, and peace.

Throughout the evening, we all enjoyed a feast of Turkish dinner staples and delicacies. From pastries, salads, and traditional Turkish coffee, everything was delicious!

The month of April is recognized Arab-American history month. What better way to celebrate than Turkish Night!

Thank you to all of our students, faculty and staff for putting this event together. Special thanks to parents and families for joining us. We had a blast!

Before this event, students who are taking Turkish class had a field trip to a Turkish house, explored the culture and had some Turkish food at the same time.