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Rochester Academy Charter School Offers SAT Prep Courses:
Test preparation is no different than any other skill: The more the student learns and practices, the better the student becomes. Based on this premise, RACS is offering focused, standardized, test preparation courses.
Our approach involves testing, skills review, problem- solving concepts and strategies, and practice materials.
Why does the SAT matter?
The SAT is required by many universities to be considered for admission. Though there are colleges that do not require it, all "brand name" universities and virtually all public ("state") universities do require it. In many cases, students can take the ACT rather than the SAT, and this decision often comes down to geography. Students in the Midwest tend to take the ACT and SAT, while students on the US coasts tend to not take the ACT at all.
Other than being required for admission to US universities, the SAT is important for the following reasons:
  • Many scholarships require a minimum SAT score
  • Many universities, especially state universities, will offer academic scholarships for students with a certain GPA and a minimum SAT score
  • The SAT is a great way to set yourself apart from the college admissions crowd. Having a high SAT score will allow you to separate out from the thousands of other people applying to college.
  • More and more employers are asking for standardized test scores during recruitment, so these scores stay with students beyond college.
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