College Readiness Program » CRP



RACS believes that economically disadvantaged or underrepresented students can be accepted to top colleges with being exposed to a well rounded education academically, character building and refined social skills.


CRP provides an education which focuses on students’ academic growth, character building and social skills with the goal of getting them accepted to top colleges.

  • High PSAT scores to become eligible for “National Merit Scholarship” program.
  • SAT scores high enough to fulfill the admission requirements of top colleges.
  • Improve leadership skills supported with character education
  • Career development education
  • Improve physical wellness with athletic programs
  • Along the way students will be guided for scholarship and award applications for colleges such as Congressional Awards.
  • Maintain high GPA

RACS College Readiness Program (CRP) is a college-based mentorship program for eligible RACS students. The program focuses on high academic achievement and personal development of its participating students.

The CRP program is designed using admission requirements of prestigious colleges and universities including academic skills, social skills, assessment results and personality. Students are selected on basis of their academic performance.

The main areas of focus of the CRP are:
  • Academic excellence
  • Personal development
  • Volunteer service
  • College readiness
  • Expedition/exploration
  • Physical fitness

The Program consists of multiple components and activities like boot camps and weekly advisory sessions. Students work in small groups with the mentors. Each group consists of approximately 5 students and they follow the CRP curriculum and instructional program provided with their mentors.

The following are the components of the program:
  • Saturday Academy: Intensive SAT, PSAT and state exams (Regents and 3-8) preparation program on Saturdays. Students take classes in Math and English and Regents tested courses. Students also participate in independent reading, seminar and national/international academic competition prep sessions during these Saturday academies.
  • Summer Academy
  • Boot Camps
  • College readiness skills curriculum
  • Ivy League college visits
  • In-state or nearby  state selective college visits