Director's Message

The Rochester Academy Charter School has just opened its doors for the new academic year, and we have high hopes to continue to deliver on our promise of high quality education for the children of the greater Rochester area for years to come. 

Our students bear the standard of success in every aspect. Our graduation rate outperforms both the Rochester Central School District and the State of New York averages. Our middle school is just as impressive, boasting 8th grade English Language Arts and Math scores which were some of the highest in Rochester.

Our students define success inside and outside the classroom. Last year the Rochester Academy Charter School was the only charter school in the area to attend the Regional Science Olympiad, winning a total of six medals for scientific excellence and accomplishment. In the arts, Rochester Academy Charter School students took to the stage and won 2nd place in the
Regional Poetry Outloud, paving the way for others to make their mark in the Fine Arts. We feel that these opportunities are key to the success of students in secondary school, and as such we do all that we can to make them available to our students.

Rochester Academy has an excellent reputation of upholding a safe learning environment for their entire student body. We received extremely high marks for safety and security, based on formal inspections of our daily operations. It is our responsibility to protect the children whom we teach, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Rochester Academy is paving the way for that future, as is proven with only a handful of examples listed above. The results speak for themselves. Educating our children builds the foundation for the future.